Friday, May 13, 2016

Botany Class

Today the students continued to work on the service project. They dug out land and made concrete. As the working hours past, students had the opportunity to take part in a PE/Gym class. This class allowed students to collaborate with the local students in a game of capture the flag.  After, the students headed back to Chilamate Eco Lodge to swim in the river and have a delicious lunch. Soon after, the students headed to Jamie’s house to learn about various plants and their beneficial properties. They experimented with natural dyes, giving them a temporary tattoo! 

They also learned about medicinal plants and experimented with different flavors.
Students also drank fresh coconut water, experiencing the true taste.

 Students also made comets out of palm fronds and baby coconuts. To top it all off, they were given homemade ice cream from Jamie’s all natural kitchen. Unfortunately, we arrived to late to take part in the nightly soccer game, but everyone got home safely and enjoyed a good home cooked meal.


Alex Main and Alexandra Kaleugher