Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Service Project Day 2

Yesterday, we went to a sustainable farm to learn from a local farmer, Daniel Vega, about how to run a farm. We walked through the farm and saw everything from the pigs to the extensive pepper fields. Most of the pepper wasn't ready to be harvested but we managed to find some.

We even managed to find a Bullet-ant nest!(no one was hurt). We also learned how he makes all the natural fertilizer with what he gets at the farm.

Then we parted ways to go to our home stays and most of us even went down to a field to play a huge fun game of soccer.

Today was the second day of the service project. We continued to level out the ground and prepare to pour cement for the new lunch area.

We visited an English and PE class to collaborate with the students at the high school. We swam in the Chilamate river and had lunch at The Chilamate Rain Forest Echo-Retreat.

Then we learned about Ethnobotany and we went back to our home stays, ate dinner, played games with out home stays, and went to bed.

Written by Boet and Kiah.